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This message is so important for all people living on this planet.  This message is for all faiths, all churches, all organizations to consider.  It charts a path of World Peace through scriptural references found in our world’s Holy Books which contain true messages of PEACE and BROTHERHOOD that are for all humanity.

Whether or not we share the same religion,  faith or even philosophy, there are certain inevitable truths in this universe that will ring true for all of us.  Truths that have been given to us since the beginning of time by the very source that creates all and through us is the author of all beliefs that are REAL and TRUE  and consequently all religions, faiths and philosophies behind them. How a belief is manifested in this world depends on how we as the people understand the concept of the belief,  act upon it,  and then build with it not only religions, but nations and entire civilizations.

Even so as humanity changes over time so will our beliefs change somewhat with new generations.  Each generation will add it’s own particular cultural diversity and flavor, but even so there will always be that ‘something’ that rings ‘TRUE’  and  will never change,  the immutable vibrations of the divine nature of what we lovingly refer to as our God and creator.  (Symantecs provide many names but we are not here  to talk about symantecs.)  We are talking about the very essence that each of us should find easy to build upon, because it will always feel ‘RIGHT’ and ‘GOOD’ and bring ‘UNITY’ especially in diversity.

One of those beliefs we can all find as truth is the Golden Rule which as explained by Wikipedia essentially states either of the following:

     One should treat others as one would like others to treat one’s self (directive form)

     One should not treat others in ways that one would not like to be treated themselves (cautionary form, also known as the Silver Rule)

This concept describes a “reciprocal” or “two way” relationship between one’s self and others that involves both sides equally, and in a mutual fashion.

This belief is found in all nations  and religions and simply cannot be denied.  If they DON’T believe the Golden Rule, they can only do more harm than good and should be avoided.

We are living in an age with many false prophets, false religions and false messages that are here to stir up one group against another.  It is so important we hang on to the truths we know as witnessed by the Universe itself (no Bibles needed.)  We must always be clear ourselves what the truth is so we do not end up on false paths.   These inevitable truths will never steer us wrong when they’re acknowledged and adhered to, and when WE are not being greedy and selfish but instead are coming from peace, love and goodwill.

This message has been compiled from spiritual inspiration and the references of several of God’s Prophets, to include Jesus and Muhammad. There is a divine truth that directs us onto a path of Peace and Good Will not only in the Middle East but with far reaching effects for the entire world.  Whatever else we might individually want to do in this life, let us come together in this common cause and advocate for Peace. All we need to do is start on that path. Remember that a “journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”  Without peace in the Holy Land, there will never be ‘true’ peace anywhere else in the world whether it pertains to the supply and price of petroleum (to run our cars and heat our homes) or the important way that a man looks to the Holy Land in his worship of God. Everything is connected to that one spot where all civilization began and which many countries lay claim to but which all of us have a birthright to,  This is the Heart of our Planet and it is being fought over and seemingly constantly under attack.  How can we bring peace to this area and do so in a ‘peaceful’ manner?

We can start by downloading a copy of God’s Peace Plan as it is written here, read it and if you agree with it,  sign our Peacemakers Petition, adding your energy for this effort and then please share this website with your email, Facebook and twitter friends, everyone you can think of.  The more people that read God’s Peace Plan for the Holy Land and sign our Peacemakers’ Petition, the more intent and vibrational energy we are focusing on correcting the issues going on in the Holy Land .  The more of us that do this, the more intent that is created to manifest “PEACE”.  So don’t put this off.  We need your help. Take time to do this now.  Then you ‘knowingly’ will witness the ‘miracles’ that will happen.

Thank you ahead time for your wonderful energy in this project.  If enough of us do it, there will be peace on earth at last.

written July 12, 2015

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